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Holistic therapies

The important stuff

Holistic therapies often complement other treatments you may be undergoing to bolster your physical and mental wellbeing.

That’s why, when you choose one of our holistic massage therapies, we’ll discuss your therapy goals upfront, and get a full understanding of what your medical history looks like.

This is just to make sure you get maximum benefit from your time with us.

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Holistic therapies

Our assortment of holistic massage therapies is designed to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Aromatherapy body massage

Our aromatherapy body massage uses scented essential oils to help reduce stress, tension, aches, and pains. It’s the perfect restorative treatment if you need to completely switch off and relax.

The blend of essential oils we use, will depend on what you’d like to achieve in your session. All our essential oils are natural, plant-based, and smell divine.

It’s this evocative aroma that induces a sense of calm and serves as a mood booster. Whilst the technique of massaging the oils into your skin, will help to loosen tight and knotty muscles.

Price: £32.00 - 30 minutes

Price: £42.00 - 60 minutes

Indian head massage

Our Indian head massage is the perfect way to banish the stresses and strains of a busy, modern life.

Beautifully scented essential oils will be warmly and gently massaged into your scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper arms. And what’s more, you also get to enjoy a facial pressure point massage.

This age-old technique is proven to arouse a sense of serenity, by soothing away everyday muscle tensions. Our Indian head massage therapy can also help to relieve headaches, encourage better sleep, stimulate hair growth, and bolster your memory.

So, not only is it a blissfully enjoyable experience, it has many health benefits too.

Price: £30.00 - 30 minutes

Price: £38.00 - 45 minutes


Our reflexology therapy can help to revive your mind and body, and bring about a better balance.

As part of your reflexology treatment, we’ll establish if you have any problem areas you’d like us to focus on. We apply gentle pressure to your feet, to promote physical and mental wellbeing in other areas of your body.

Think of your feet, as maps of your body. When we work on those areas, the corresponding organs or glands in the rest of your body will feel the benefit.

Price: £38.00 - 45 minutes

Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo-Auricular Therapy)

Our Hopi Ear Candling therapy has ancient roots and is proven to help soothe many ear, sinus, and head complaints.

Unlike the name, we don’t use candles in their traditional form. Instead, we use a cylindrical tube made from cloth that’s been soaked in natural ingredients. For example, oils, herbs, honey, and beeswax.

When we light the candle, it creates a vacuum effect to draw out ear impurities. Not only is it a relaxing and therapeutic experience, it also helps to alleviate a range of physical and psychological health conditions.

Price: £30.00 - 30 minutes